Your brand's growth on autopilot

Needle empowers small e-commerce brands to overcome limited resources and manage multiple channels with their own AI-enabled marketing assistant.

Needle connects to your tools, crunches the data, suggests smart ideas, and helps draft the marketing materials it recommends — all so you can do more with less.

Needle uses the same thinking and methods that the world’s leading consumer e-commerce brands rely on:

Focus on other things; let Needle crunch the numbers

Connect your everyday e-commerce tools like Shopify, Meta, Google, and Klaviyo, and Needle will start crunching the data for you - so you don't have to. The more tools you connect and provide feedback, the smarter it gets.

Get smart ideas to pick from

After crunching the data, Needle gives you specific, data-based ideas to grow your brand that you can use or tweak. Say goodbye to spending time sifting through charts and numbers yourself.

Get an extra pair of hands

Needle drafts your marketing materials, including emails, images, and videos for ads, ready for your review and launch. Save hours on drafting and setup. With Needle, a small team or solopreneur can achieve the output of a much larger one.

Get the cash you need for your next move

Growing your brand might mean new marketing, more inventory, or extra help. Securing funds can be tough for a small brand. Needle offers short-term financing tailored to your needs, making it a one-stop shop to grow your brand.

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Data sources we support

Needle learns about your business by gathering data from your everyday tools.

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How it works

After connecting your tools, Needle:

  • Learns: Gathers your data, and analyzes your growth potential.
  • Predicts: Sets goals based on your data, industry benchmarks, and reasonable expectations.
  • Recommends: Provides a list of specific tactics prioritized based on estimated revenue uplift and effort.
  • Actions: Generates marketing assets and campaigns you need to take action quicker.

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In a world where growing a brand is tougher than ever, manage multiple channels with less time and fewer resources using Needle.

Frequently asked questions

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The Needle team has helped 50+ companies beat the odds and find success, including these brands:

“I don't have much of a business background and have to multi-task lots of things. Needle making sense of it all and pointing me in the right areas to focus on has been great!”

Jen Gregory Managing Director, Indosole

Jen Gregory Managing Director, Indosole

“I really think Needle is onto something! I haven’t come across a tool yet where you get smart suggestions and action in the same place. I’m excited to see where they go.”

Rob Carliner Co-founder, Angela Caglia

Rob Carliner Co-founder, Angela Caglia

“Needle is like a smart bets generator, backed by data. I particularly liked the one that recommended a Facebook prospecting campaign in areas where pickleball courts can be found. I implemented it and it did really well!”

Talon Randle Founder, club. paddles

Talon Randle Founder, club. paddles


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