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Needle's all-in-one AI marketer empowers young brands. It analyzes data, crafts personalized tactics, and helps you take action so you can rise above the rest.


Needle is tailored for fashion, beauty, and home brands with small teams on Shopify or WooCommerce. If this is you, keep reading. You're in the right place.

Needle does all of the following to help brands grow:

We analyze data from your tools to figure out areas you're likelier to succeed

As a brand today, you need to find customers on multiple channels and use multiple tools. That means a lot more data to make sense of before even figuring out what to do!

Needle connects to all of your commonly used tools like Shopify, Meta, Google, Klaviyo etc. to figure out where the opportunities are and learn what works better for you.

⏩ Focus on what matters most, leave the data analysis to us.

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“I don't have much of a business background and have to multi-task lots of things. Needle making sense of it all and pointing me in the right areas to focus on has been great!”

Jen Gregory Managing Director, Indosole

Get concrete, data-backed ideas to grow your brand

Tired of tools that just throw charts and tools at you, leaving you to figure out what to do yourself?

Needle provides personalized tactics on where to find new customers, how to drive more revenue from existing ones, and how to improve your shopping experience - always backed by data.

⏩ Get better ideas to grow, and you make the call.

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“Needle is like a smart bets generator, backed by data. I particularly liked the one that recommended a Facebook prospecting campaign in areas where pickleball courts can be found. I implemented it and it did really well!”

Talon Randle Founder, club. paddles

Brands that put at least 5 of our tactics into action typically boost their revenue by 50% in just 5 months.

Brands that put at least 5 of our tactics into action typically boost their revenue by 50% in just 5 months.

Speed up tasks with your own AI marketing assistant

Execution in marketing is either time-consuming, complex or sometimes both. As a brand owner, you have a never ending to do list and limited time.

Needle’s AI goes beyond sharing smart bets by putting together the first draft of the email or the ad campaign in Google Ads it recommended to you - saving you hours of time of drafting or set up.

Do the work of a team 3 or 4 times your size.

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“I really think Needle is onto something! I haven’t come across a tool yet where you get smart suggestions and action in the same place. I’m excited to see where they go.”

Rob Carliner Co-founder, Angela Caglia

Secure funds for testing campaigns or buying inventory

For young brands, sometimes you need more funds to purchase inventory or invest in your marketing campaigns in order to grow. And banks don’t tend to lend to smaller businesses easily.

Needle provides short term financing it recommends to you at flexible, brand-friendly terms.

⏩ Access to funds is no longer for big brands anymore.

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Needle is backed by GB Helios, a leading small business financing house regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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